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Deep Learning Algorithm Researcher
Job Description
Our algorithm team deals with a variety of challenges associated with training DL models on the edge. We believe in “diving deep” into our solutions and many of our discussions end up in scribbling equations on the board.
Some of the cool research topics we’re working on: Federated Learning, Model Compression, Online Learning, NON-IID data distributions, Differential Privacy etc.
As a researcher on the algorithm team, you will be given complicated problems to research and will be expected to lead the research process from the phase of literature review right up until the integration of the solution into the system. Our algorithm framework sits at the core of the Edgify product, and as part of the job you’ll be expected to participate in the development and improvement of the framework.
MSc / PhD in Computer-Science, EE, Physics, Mathematics (or similar).
2+ years of experience in ML/DL/CV development. Academic experience may be considered only in the case of hands-on research in DL with a relevant framework (see below).
Strong Python development skills.Familiarity with one of the major DL frameworks: PyTorch /TensorFlow / MXNet.
Advantage: C++ development skills.
Location: Center, Sharon
Job Type: Full-time
Update date: 1/14/2021
Position Code: JB-00001