Senior Data Scientist

    Job Description:
    Apply your data driven curiosity and scientific knowledge to solve various business problems.
    - Initiate algorithmic research and perform prototyping of new ideas.
    - Design and implement advanced AI solutions for our core products.
    - Analyze large volumes of data to extract latent information.
    - Work closely with the big data developers to transform your ideas to shiny applications.

- M.Sc. or PhD. in Computer Science, Physics, Statistics or similar discipline.
- 3+ years hands-on experience of implementing predictive algorithms.
- Profound mathematical understanding of statistical modeling and machine/deep learning algorithms.
- Extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis and data visualization.
- Vast SW development experience in both offline and production environments.

מיקום המשרה: מרכז, שרון, ירושלים, צפון, דרום, אילת
סוג משרה: משרה מלאה
תאריך עדכון: 15/10/2019
קוד משרה: 2776