Required Software Developer

Required Software Developer
Job Description:
- Develop fixes, tools, and tests to solve problems in C++, Python, or Go.
- Optimize code for stability, functionality and scalability (e.g., unit-testing, integration-testing, error handling).
- Work in collaboration with world-leading cryptocurrency experts.
- Improve and advocate for quality in a high-performance code base.
- Perform code quality discovery and reporting with performance profilers, code coverage tools.
- Develop test plans and test cases for all new functionality.
- Advocate for improvements to development processes and workflows.
- Participate in agile scrum methodology within an agile team.
- Spot regressions early and address them.
- Create and support a productive and innovative team.
This includes working with peers, managers, and teams.
- Take on tasks as requested, following through to completion despite roadblocks or distractions.
- BS/BA or MS degree in Computer Science or related field.
- 3 years experience in software engineering with demonstrated ability to solve a coding challenge.
- Experience in Python, Go, or C++.
- Experience with systems-level programming such as buffers, sockets, memory management, performance tuning.
- Experience in creating maintainable tests, mocks, automated tests
- Crypto development experience is a plus.
- Strong ability to communicate ideas through documentation, feedback, and collaboration.

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